Cherek's Kraulquappen Floaties - Swimming Armbands

Kraulquappen swimming aids are the best armbands designed, which support the little users’ physical development by enabling them mobility in the water. By the help of the magic foam inside Kraulquappen helps babies&toddlers start to swim confidently. 

Cherek's Kraulquappen armbands are designed by Reiner Cherek who has been working with babies and kids in his swimming school in Frankfurt, for more than 35 years. 

‘Our experience, which we have gained in practical lessons in our swimming school in over 35 years and the study of biomechanics have helped us to develop the most useful arm floaties ever; espcially for babies and toddlers’ explains Reiner Cherek.

What is special with Kraulquappen armbands:

  • Kraulquappen armbands have buoyancy foam inside that helps little swimmers to swim confidently. 
  • The important thing about the buoyancy foam is, it’s uniformly incorporated into the inflatable plastic bag, which makes the Kraulquappen not only less bulky, but also much more activity-friendly.
  • Keep the little heads out of water! With Kraulquappen armbands small water frogs are on top of the top . Unlike other swimming aids Kraulquappen care in any underwater swimming position with the right buoyancy.
  • The centrally placed armhole allows optimal leverage, even infants and the disabled can easily keep their arms and thus its head above water - completely relaxed, safe and all natural.
  • Cherek's Kraulquappen may only be used when children are physically and mentally capable. The arms and the shoulder belt must be strong and the child begins to explore his surroundings; earliest from the 7th / 8th month.