Frequently Asked Questions About Cherek's Floaties

Frequently Asked Questions About Cherek's Floaties

What is the main difference between Cherek's and the other floaties?

‘Our experience, which we have gained in practical lessons in our swimming school in over 35 years and the study of biomechanics have helped us to develop the most useful arm floaties ever; espcially for babies and toddlers’ explains Reiner Cherek who designed Cherek's floaties. 

Kraulquappen armbands have buoyancy foam inside that helps little kids to start to swim confidently. The important thing about the buoyancy foam is, it’s uniformly incorporated into the inflatable plastic bag, which makes the Cherek's not only less bulky, but also much more activity-friendly.

How does Cherek's floaties help my baby to learn to swim?

With Kraulquappen armbands small water frogs are on top of water. Unlike the other swimming aids Cherek's also care in any underwater swimming position with the right buoyancy.

The centrally placed armhole allows optimal leverage, even infants and the disabled kids can easily keep their arms and head above water - this helps them to start to practising natural swimming skills completely relaxed and safe.

Which size should I choose?

One other best part of Cherek's floaties, they are one size fits all. So one child could wear them for 5-6 years until they are swimming without an aid. And they last for years so even siblings can use the same floaties.

Cherek's floaties can be used for babies as young as 7-8 months old and for kids up to 30 kgs.

Should I sink the valves after inflating the floaties?

Our years of experience have shown sinking of the valve is not required, even it’s better not to sink the valves.

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