About us

What’s your earliest balloon memory? I bet it involves a birthday party, celebration and having fun?


That’s what comes to my mind. Every time my family took me to Luna Park, my sister and I were allowed one helium balloon each. We cherished them and took them home to our bedroom to try to catch them again from our top bunk bed.

I started my life in Turkey and the best part of my childhood was the three-month summer school holidays spent at my family’s summer house near the water. It makes me smile thinking of those warm summer days filled with endless swimming at the beach or pool with friends. 

Family, friends, good food, sunshine and the beach are still what I love most in life along with a glass of bubbles to watch the sun going down!

I was blessed to bring Lara, my daughter into the world in 2014. A special memory was when Lara was eight months old, my partner and I were on holiday in Turkey. We put balloon arm bands on her before putting her in the pool. We were so shocked to see her instantly kick her legs and swim backwards. The joy on her face was priceless along with the joy we felt too! With the balloon arm bands she had her freedom to swim, have fun and be safe at such a young age.

When we moved from Turkey to Australia in 2016, we wanted to start our own company to share these amazing quality balloon arm bands. It was an easy choice to name our company boon boon after Lara whose first words for balloon were boon boon! 

Our experiences and travels around the world have inspired us to find high quality and innovative products we love and make them available for you. 

We know you will get as much joy as we did when you see your little one swimming with their balloon arm bands and using our other unique products.  

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