• These are by far the best floaties I’ve ever seen! The inner foam with partial inflatable makes it much more comfortable for my boys than the standard fully inflatable ones. My young boys confidently swim by themselves using these and have so much more fun in the water. I highly recommend these!

    Belinda Goodwin

  • After being hesitant about spending the $$$ on the CHEREK'S FLOATIES, I have to say they are worth every cent. Our little man who is 13 month old is loving being able to swim in the family pool without being held. We couldn’t be happier with the product which was recommended to us by our little girls swimming teacher. Will be recommending them to others.

    Kathy Dermitzakis

  • Do yourself a favour and check them out. My Scout is quite wild at times and loves to jump in the water, and she actually kept these unique floaties on whereas she normally refuses to wear them, or pulls them off after 10 minutes. They’re comfortable, safe and the design is really quite ingenious and they’re for kids up to 8 years I’m told due to their unique design.. They look odd I agree, but I’m sold. They’re called #chereks and I love them.

    Chezzi Denyer

  • These floaties are fantastic! They are easy to put on, safe and much better than many other floaties that I've used in the past. My 2 year old loves being in the water thanks to them. Thank you for making them available in Australia!

    Alicja Figiel

  • Tested on Melis:) German Engineering works as always. Great product. Thanks for bringing it to down under..

    Sinan Ketencioglu

  • These floaties are THE BEST. I don't care what you're opinion on floaties and swimming aides vs learning to swim is - these are a MUST for holidaying with toddlers! We were able to relax just that little bit when in, out and around the pool. Example - Nylah could eat ice cream on the edge of the pool whilst we sat on the sun lounges - without having to worry about her falling in unnoticed. It was extra reassurance, and I'm so glad we packed them!!


  • These floaties are fantastic! My son loves them. He now runs in and out of the waves at the beach independently and can dive in with confidence that the floaties will keep his head out of the water. They are super buoyant, comfortable to wear, and they don't hinder his movement while playing in the sand as they sit above his elbow. It is magic seeing him have so much fun in the water these days.

    Emilie Bell

  • These swim bands have definitely transformed my swimming with my daughter from being an exhausting efford in holding her up all the time, while she wriggles and kicks off me, to her being able to swim independently!

    Duygu Cikla

  • Like many mothers out there I spent my fair share on different floatation devices for my son, I needed him to be confident and me to feel safe... Until I found @boonboon.com.au, I can honestly say they have been the best I’ve ever used! He loves them and feels super confident with them so much that he even jumped off the boat into the ocean with us the other day!