How to use Kraulquappen armbands

by berna vural gok February 24, 2017

How to use Kraulquappen armbands

Before the first use, you should make sure that the baby’s shoulder muscles are strong enough to hold the body weight with the arms above water (this is about 7-8 months old).

  • Make the armbands wet before you put them on. Start to inflate armbands after you put them on your child’s arm, placed on shoulder to upper arm.
  • Our years of experience have shown sinking of the valve is not required, even it’s better not to sink the valves to protect the product.
  • Deflate the air in armbands by opening the valves squeezing them before taking them off. Avoid opening the valves with teeth.
  • The Kraulquappen should sit firmly on the skin, so do not use any sunscreen or other oily products on the upper arms while using them.
  • Kraulquappen are swimming aids, not a toy!! Do not let your children to play with them, since they have sharp teeth.
  • Kraulquappen should only be put on and taken off by adults.
  • Do not leave your child out of sight at any time while they are in water. Permanent eye contact gives children more safety and promotes their confidence.
  • If you recognise that the armbands are letting air out, sink them into water to see where the tiny hole is and use the repair kit (specialised glue) to repair. Let them dry for 24 hours, then you can use your armbands safely again.

berna vural gok
berna vural gok


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