Collection: Cherek's Kraulquappen Floaties

What is Unique About Cherek's Floaties?

  • Designed by German baby swim-trainer Reiner Cherek, they are the product with more than 40 years experience in swim schooling
  • The only swimming armbands available on the global market that can be used for babies as young as 7-8 months old and kids up to 30 kgs (8 years old).
  • Designed and produced in Germany, and used with confidence by families all over Europe for more than 35 years.
  • Made with Phthalate Free plastic, specially designed to be safe for sensitive baby skin.
  • Unique buoyancy foam exclusive to this product, which offers little swimmers the best support for holding their upper body out of water and helps them to move more confidently in the water.
  • The centrally placed armhole allows optimal leverage, so even infants and the disabled children can easily keep their arms and heads above the water surface.